DPM Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of microcontroller based fixed gas detection Transmitter. It continuously monitor hazardous concentration of gases which include Flammable (Risk of fire), Toxic (Risk of Poisoning) and Asphyxiate (Risk of suffocation).These Transmitter are equipped with micro controller and are optionally features with self-Diagnostic auto calibration function through embedded software. The output transmission can interface with any receiving system/ instruments. The transmitter consist of a compact Electronic module housed in a weather proof or explosion proof metallic. These transmitter are designed to provide high reliability, accuracy and long life.

Features :

  • Explosion or weather proof
  • Standard 4-20rnAOutput
  • Relay Output
  • 3 wire gas Transmitter
  • MODBUS Communication Through RS-485
  • Easy to Calibrate
  • Easy Sensor replacement and Interface with hardware

Ordering Information:

Modal User Manual Specifications
TX-900 Download Download
CTX-900 Download Download